Honest Truth about my POE 2020 experince on console

Ive been playing POE on console(xbox1x) for a long while now, Ive invested alot of money and time into it because at the core it is my favorite game game I have ever played. Ever since last league, and brought to a crescendo this league, Ive been having a different type of lag issue that has literally frustrated me to the point of walking away in despair. In the past, lag used to be from hitting a map too soon after loading in and not waiting for the 50 second timer to finish loading in assets and stutering frames of performance would be encountered. The lag I now experience occurs despite waiting an entire minute each map for it to load in after coming out of the load screen, in which my character will clip through enemies as if i were going to hit and kill and leech life from them, instead no damage is applied, no leech occurs, and no actual connection happens between my axe and the enemies face. Yet despite the fact that I cannot hit the enemy, I will however recieve full loads of massive damage resulting in 1 shots because I literally must be just either attacking in some corner where the enemie can see me and hit or im just sitting there doing nothing while im seeing my character model swing through the enemy model while i fall over dead. The lag used to be in compartmentalized controlable times in which I could just walk away for an hour and come back to play for 8 hours without any issue, but this new lag is all the time yet at random times. So every single day that i play my character the lag death scenarious will happen every 20 minutes or so. Ive gotten good at managing what to do to get my self to safety when it happens, but many times there is just no possible way to do anything but accept the loss of the entire map, which will often happen on the most expensive of situations or in such a time where im wasting important amd pivotal steps in my process of evolving my character and his money situation. So, I guess theres nothing left for me to do but quit, every time i say I quit i come back and give it another shot, but after continually voicing this without anything ever fixing it, im just too depressed now and I feel like hanging my head in defeat and walking away. So, if you never get a solution to this, thanx for all the years of fun, it was good while it lasted. Lata bros
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I definitely know what you mean, it isn't this bad for me but it is far from great. I am hopeful that the new XBox though will finally be able to run POE in all of its glory and fully intend to buy one this year.
Can we get some sort of a preliminary report from GGG about how the next gen consoles will run POE? Is it better? Will features that have been limited due to current gen be re-instated for next gen version?

I know you prolly cannot tell us all details, but any kind of update about this is appreciated.

Might want to check your isp [Removed by Support].
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Better consoles and PCs will not improve at all in this game.
It makes two leagues that I no longer play on consoles, I have an xbox one fat, I play this game since the closed beta on consoles, JUL 2017.

I have PC core i7 4790k 32GB RAM and two titans X, this game always closes the first time it enters, it takes about 2-3min to load city, chest, inventory and textures.

Poe is a very bad game optimized, each league that passes gets worse. There is no point in having the best equipment in the world if this game has poor performance and is buggy.
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I think the community should stop playing and invest in this game for a while.
Perhaps the community will start charging other companies above GGG, Sony, Microsoft and Tecent.
Every update of this game goes through a process of approval to validate the consoles, if it gets to a point where Microsoft and Sony start to stop, maybe the future PoE that will also come even for MAC and mobile has a better affection for the updates and community.
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I7-10700k, 2070 super, 32gb ram. I run my steam library off of a 1tb nvme 3.2. I can play this game on max with no real problems

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