They of Tul Lag spikes

There seems to be a problem with a Spectre They of Tul (he summons a protective cloud and comes from the Tul breaches). Anytime you are in a menu (like stash, merchant, betrayal interaction wth Jun etc). There is a 3-4 s lag spike whenever he drops a new protective cloud in the background. Very easy to reproduce hopefully easy to fix.
Last bumped on Oct 26, 2020, 4:27:58 PM
This bug is still present in 3.12 heist league and easily duplicated.

The bug is most visible in the hideout while in your stash. Simply have a They of Tul summoned and spend 3 minutes in your’ll get at least one 5-8 second game lockup and lag spike.
Thanks for your reports.

I've passed this on for investigation

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