Developer Manifesto?

Once this current leagues crashing issues are solved, could we get a developer manifesto similar to some of the ones explaining issues that have happened on the PC side of things? It would go a long way in showing that you care about the console side of your market.

I’ve loved this game since 2012 and made the leap to console with the PS4 release due to accessibility issues with the PC version (a controller is accessible for me, a mouse and keyboard isn’t). It’s been heartbreaking seeing my favorite game run so poorly on the platform where I can play it the most easily, and I hate feeling like I have to choose between either stability or accessibility.

Better communication in general would be appreciated as well. It feels like everyone’s shouting into an abyss here, with little to no dev response, and the console announcement section is barren. Even if it’s weekly or semi weekly updates on things it’d be good to know it’s still being looked into/worked on.
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I agree, the crashing issues are being slowly patched out but are still not yet fully resolved 3 patches in and the radio silence is deafening.

For me though, the lag is far worse of an issue. Maybe it's exacerbated because I'm trying a summoner for the first time this league but it's an incredibly poor state of affairs that triggering any number of core game mechanics (breach, legion, incursion, certain beast encounters, harvesting in the Grove and more) almost guarantees dropping to 1-2 FPS for much or all of the encounter. I used to play on PC (a PC that doesn't have the GPU power of my PS4 I might add) and the performance was much, much better.

I don't even bother to delve until I've just hit a level up as it's almost guaranteed that the game will glitch out and kill me several times (running into the light only to be snapped back, dead in the darkness a couple of seconds later - happen ALL the time). If it's not that then it's being attacked by enemies that are untargetable or simply freezing for 5-10 seconds then playing catch-up to my corpse (ok, it's probably 50/50 survival on this one). Whenever I enter my garden the game gets really 'stuttery', mini lags just from doing nothing more than running around. Also the load times, ye Gods the load times!!!

Is it simply the case that this generation of consoles isn't up to task? Are the issues server-side? I love this game dearly but I'm not sure I've ever played a game with such consistently bad performance issues. Some sort of statement from GGG as to the root cause of these issues and what is being done to address them would go a long way IMHO. Some of these issues may be unfixable (e.g. if it's a hardware limitation of the consoles) - fine but just communicate that fact.
The first couple of weeks the game was mostly unplayable.
Now it's still more laggy and unstable than usual, but at least is playable, somewhat.
I used to have 1 blue screen every 1-2 day, this league was 1 every hour, I really hope they fix it for next league, I'm out.
This game is just a cash-grab for the few and diminishing players on consoles. I’ve been playing this since it was released on PS4 and up till now I cannot say it’s been any improvements. Some bugs was fixed, but unfortunately more bugs was introduced along with new content.

The game was developed for PC and PC alone. The port they rounded up for consoles is a disgrace in every way. GGG’s way of fixing the game, is like using band-aid on a sinking ship while filling it with cargo every new season, making it sink even faster (along with the community and the player base).

GGG have no idea how to reproduce the problems, apparently with no debugging tools, experience with the engine and/or the platform they’re sunk their greedy teeth into.

A word and advice for GGG; seek out Virtous and let them do the job you clearly cannot comprehend. Your staff is ignorant, uneducated and inexperienced in this field of work. You clearly can produce glittering MTX and bragging about it, but when your facing thread after thread with problems and frustrated players which have been putting more money into your greedy MTX, pets and stash, than into any other full-priced makes me wonder if this is a deliberate scam from your end.

With absolutely no communication from you, GGG, I hope your company will come to it’s bitter end.

You had great ideas but you failed miserably on every aspect of delivering it to the players.
I agree that this would go a long way to repairing the rift.
try this one
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