3.11 whispering ice on CONSOLE

hi, ive been trying whispering ice for few day, stuff not done to craft but im doing t14-16 not juiced without that many problem, but i notice 1 big issue.

im using whispering ice with cyclone + cwc. the problem is on targetting... like it is very difficult actualy to target something. in general while maping not a big deal, but it's look like as soon as i start moving, it land whispering ice as far as possible... so if i wanna MELT a boss, i must stand next to it and not move.. is there anything wrong with this? or is it suppose to work like that on concoles? i mean i cannot lock target something... maybe its too much for console?

still viable.. but not effecient. sometime it takes me several second to be able to target a boss.. wich is deadly.
Last bumped on Aug 12, 2020, 8:52:42 AM
CwC with Cyclone will proc at your char AFAIK so yes
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girng wrote:
CwC with Cyclone will proc at your char AFAIK so yes

i confirm that it doesnt proc on your character. i would really want this instead of procing no where in front.
On PC it procs where your mouse cursor is. So I have no clue how you would control it on console.
Hey if you're still having this issue, try changing yoru skill mode to Alt Behavior. When you press R3 to bring up the skill UI there will be a toggle for Alt Behavior. Try that out and let us know if it helps!

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