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Ground tile decorations

doing some hideout work, and while messing with some thing I noticed that the lines on the Tile floor decoration can't be made to line up perfectly without having clipping happening. Not the biggest of issue however it does trigger my ocd if they don't line up. And the clipping is noticable when they do
Last bumped on Aug 12, 2020, 6:26:05 PM
Hey Luhc

I think i know what you mean here, but with the tiling you need to make sure that 1:) there is no overlapping and 2:) the tiles line up with each other edge to edge, i'll try and give an example below from my own H/o, which uses the templar ground tiles quite a lot ( and i had to redo it a few times to stop clipping)

lined up

not lined up

so the bottom screenshot is where the two templar ground deco's don't meet each other edge to edge like in sreenshot 1, so i would move that tile accross so that they do and the then the tile pattern will match like screen 1.

i had this with all tile based deco's that used for this H/o.

in some areas, i had to redo the whole floor to match everything up properly.

hope that helps anyway.


Some tile decorations do line up perfectly. But alot of the new ones don't, especially when you use a larger variation. I specifically noted this on the "tile floor" deco. But thanks for the help

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