Spectral shield throw

I love this skill, Ive made both the bleed version and the ice elemental version and have enjoyed both but, this is a skill that needs some love, you cant do the very end game content with this skill without some really crazy high end stuff few on xbox could ever hope of having. Main problems with the skill that need to be addressed some.

1-Theres few ways to get high dps off this skill without allot of investment into a shield, ilvl 86 if you want t1 armour stats, pretty much impossible to play any other way except armour, even though the skill was designed to be used with other shield types, theres just to few decent shield bases that will give you enough damage to do end game content. Now this skill clears great even in high tier 16 maps np, even yellow mobs, the issue is single target. The damage even with bleed and very good gear is still only around 1.5 mil shaper dps at best and thats with around 4k life, which isnt a problem most times since you can have around 80/80 block/sblock and decent armour with max resists. The main issue is the limited amount of shields you can use and do well and few ways to increase the damage based off just the shield, using a stat stick in the elemental version is certainly the best way to get decent damage.

2-I noticed now that they made changes to the tree theres either less block nods or they were moved allot further away from the duelist ranger side of the tree and over by the new glancing blow.

All I want is a way to improve this skill to be able to do shaper and sirus without the fight taking 3 hours and hoping to survive. The damage is just not there. If someone on console can look at my account and see my bleedingshield or bloodedshield characters and tell me how to get enough dps and still have good survival Id realy be happy. I do hope ggg will consider giving sst a buff or coming out with a few new shields like the new armour/energy shield but with higher end game stats.

3- due to new changes even with a ilvl 86 coll shield, you can only get around 3k armour on a shield with few ways to scale damage based on the current off hand damage settings.
Last bumped on Jul 25, 2020, 11:30:27 PM
Am I the only person playing this skill? Id think by now someone else would have responded sharing their information about the skill.

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