Little Maraketh - Coral Hideout

Little Maraketh

Little Maraketh - Wanted to create something bigger then normal hideout and coral hideout provided great space for construction. Only obstacle was cap for decoration, could use like 150 more if i could. Still it really works for me.

Being playing Path of Exile some time and i really loved idea "hideout" from the start. In the start it was much harder to get favor or even level up master... As fresh exile i didn't have experience nor skill to play at higher levels but now, after few years I could create my own hideout (still cant lvl up Alva to 7) which is not just only "storage space".

Wanted to share it with community as I think many other exiles want to stay and while and map in Little maraketh.


Here u can find it in hidoutshowcase if u want it.

Alva - Adventurer and looter which LOOOOVE jewelry and all glitters.

Local shady blacksmith - Old friend which plays both sides.

Einhar - Main import/export of meat in town - owner of famous menagerie.

Niko - Main exporter of azerite in city.

Tane - Ambitious alchemist.

Zana - Red beauty with vast knowledge of atlas.

Portal monument - Provide doors to unexplored worlds of atlas.

Navali - Mysterious woman with great card skill and crazy monkey

Kirac - Veteran of Oriath and local law enforcer.

Cassia - Cassia, by the by. Pleasure.

Helena - Helena old Blackguard veteran which now help maintain city
Jun - tracker of immortal syndicate.

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I think it's great. I like the Tane area the most and also all the maple trees. Great work!
Thanks a lot. At first I had a plan for every NPC create its own area. U can see that navali, Jun and Helena have much poor environment then others. It's the result of fixed number of decorations which u can put in hideout(which is 750). GGG should increase this number for 900 at least in opinion. Still I am thankful that they let us create hideout with so many decorations. This is one of many things of PoE. I hope that they will do some upgrades of hideout system in new path of exile.

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