HunterS1X + Enjoy the game without spending too much (Harvest)

Please contact me in game with IGN: HunterS1X or PM me if you wish

Por favor me chame no jogo pela id: HunterS1X ou me mande mensagens se desejar.

Enchanted Helmet: Dodge Attack/Charged Dash ~b/o 4 Chaos

Enchanted Helmet: 10% Increased Rallying Cry Buff Effect ~b/o 6 Chaos

Enchanted Helmet: Icicle Mine deals 25% Increased damage ~b/o 6 Chaos

Enchanted Helmet: 16% Increased Righteous Fire Area of Effect ~b/o 6 Chaos

Unic Boots ~ b/o 2 Chaos

Unic Body Armour ~ b/o 2 Chaos

Unic Helmet ~ b/o 2 Chaos
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