Spectral shield throw needs attention

Im hoping GGG will look into this skill, its a great skill but, with the constant increase in power by new bosses this skill like several others are slowly falling behind, the skill is limited to how good of a shield you can make and compared to other skills which have allot more ways to increae the damage this skill has limits, especially if you don't have the very best gear.

There needs to either be new shields added to the game since there isnt one single unique shield that can be used with this skill into red maps little alone end game bosses. The cap on existing crafting of shields should be increased or the skill itself reworked so that it has stronger stats allowing a lesser then 2200 shield in armour to be used.

It is impossible for this skill to go past yellow maps with any of the existing evasion or es shield including the new glancing blow shield so this makes it very hard to go crit with this skill. I tried to make a good es shield with the harvest crafting and even with it I found it very hard to get more then 1.2 mil dps on the build without 100s if not more exalts worth of investment. I wanna play this skill every league, I invest in GGG every month and Im hoping youll consider investing a little effort in improving the skill or shields in which are possible to create/uniques etc. Thank you
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