(E38) The Interview We Didn't Do of Forever Exiled, A PoE Podcast is Out!


Howdy Doodie Everybody!

The 38th Episode (The Interview We Didn't Do) of Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast is out! Well, of course it is, it always releases at this time of the week...BUT...

We just freaking love it when GGG gets interviewed. There's just so much to dissect even when they have lots to hold back. But when they give us all a full two hours of very open and candid answers about questions the community has been dying to ask them for years...let's just say, we did our best to keep it short. We cut lots of content but we'll talk about it over time. So not only do we talk about Baeclast's interview with Chris Wilson, but we also had the opportunity to bring up some long overdue topics that we (Tyler) have been dying to bring up...which are obviously WAY more interesting than any other topics we talk about ;).

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