Crit Vaal Blade Vortex Ascendant - input please

Paste bin:

Damage seems to be ok, 1.2m for BV
Life is 6K+
Resists ok

but I die a lot, and I'm looking for ideas to increase survivability without sacrificing too much DPS. Or just general tips to make this build over all better.

I've thought of 6 linking disintegrator and then going to self cast BV, and throw on a Kaom's Heart.


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Got really lucky with an Unnatural Instincts drop from a random T15

Since changes, killed first guardian, T15 and T16 maps are doable now. And been farming Atziri. One more kill and I'll have my first shot at Sirus. Build is turning into something end game viable now. Yay!

Only downside is, it's very expensive from what I've put into now. At least 10ex in items at this point. And still haven't 6 linked Disintegrator, which is when I might change to self cast BV.

I'm pretty sure there's better builds for 10ex lol, but this is my first shot at making an endgame build.

Crit Vaal Blade Vortex Ascendant

5,578 Life
47% Phys Mitg | 75% Block | 50% Spell Block | 5% Dodge | 5% Spell Dodge

Vaal Blade Vortex FoCW (5L) - 901k DPS <-- Natural DPS
3.03 Casts/sec | 40.76% Crit | 265% Multi

Current Gear:

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