Any updates to the performance issue?

Terry31313 wrote:

i assume there were several summoners up there but i never got to see them because of the massive neverending respawning abominations

T16 Fields map on PS4


The lag shown here should make GGG ashamed of themselves of this current state of the game. How anyone could play like that is beyond me. I really hope that Jeff and others at GGG review that video and would post here with some possible issues that could be causing this. A back and forth of information exchange here and clarity of what's happening here would go a VERY long way to try and show that a reasonable effort is being made in resolving console performance issues. Sadly, I don't expect you'll receive a reply.

Jeff_GGG wrote:
Cytec1337 wrote:
Is there any update to the performance issue ? We really need an update to this issue.
We've not forgotten about the issue, it continues to be worked on daily since originally acknowledged. I don't have news to share in regard to the problem at this time, when I do, an update will be posted. I'm sorry for the frustration this has caused.

Disabling sound effects massively improves lag issues; please consider implementing an option to limit the number of concurrent SFX that can be processed with an implicit priority of player > minions/allies > unique > rare > magic > normal. Ideally this would be a sliding scale such that players can tune their experience to best fit their hardware.

Note: this is entirely separate from the blue screen issues: playing with SFX muted does not seem to affect the rate of hard crashes I'm experiencing (the fact that I've blue screened several times by simply walking from portal to stash in my hideout implies this is not related to any skill/flask/monster effect).
Im now complaining to the Playstation people and letting them know i will not be supporting this game with revenue until the performance issues are addressed. So many blue screens and i have been sending them in game screenshots with a note letting them know what happened. So Sony is really letting me play for free as i wont be buying anything through the game for the forseeable future.
OK I started playing even though I heard about those issues, but trying it on my dummy account and then even playing on my normal account it was not that bad. There were times where there was issue but then I could play for 3h - 4h no issue but after this last patch it is insane. I can't even move after logging in. and it is like that for 5h (from 8am to 1:20pm now).

Why is this not a top priority to fix for PS4?
I feel sorry for Jeff, I don't know if he has a team working with him or how much he can do about the state of PoE on console, he must be frustrated like us. It seems like his hands are tied.

PoE on console is playable but also a frustrating issue. It's obvious it's not important and rightly so, PoE on console has a tiny player base compared to the PC version. It feels unfinished which could be said about the PoE on PC. Both versions have their problems which may or may not be solved for PoE2, which personally I doubt. If I could play on a good PC I would, console offers nothing other than a cheap option to play.

This game has been crashing like this since launch.

Seriously, read the forums.

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