Are non-cluster jewels and cluster jewels worth it?

de99ial wrote:
IMHO all delirium jewels are worthless. To gat something from any jewel You need to spent two skill points - first on socket and then another one on jewel. Thats just wasting points. IMHO.

Well, you are wrong, because the good ones with the right number of nodes and the right notables simply provide more stats per points than what you can get on the tree, including the nodes you need to path to the jewel socket in the first place. And some of the notables provide benefits that cannot be obtained from the regular skill tree at all.

You have to consider that you really need good cluster jewels before they are worth using, and that poorly rolled jewels or jewels with too many nodes are not worth it, similar to how poorly rolled regular or abyss jewels are not worth using. One specific trick that is fairly important is knowing the ordering of the notables on large jewels, which allows you to take two notables and two jewel sockets without having to take the extra small passive node to get the third notable on the jewel.

The majority of good builds uses a cluster jewel at some point when they can afford a good one.
Naby but i havent found worth attention cluster yet so im gonna stick to my original tree.
anyway moving on to another question, how many prefixes and suffixes can an item have according to it's rarity?
de99ial wrote:
Naby but i havent found worth attention cluster yet so im gonna stick to my original tree.

Feel free to look at the ones I am using on my char : HanSoloDK
I get more from them total, that if I have just used my point on the normal tree and with the normal jewels (you will have to load my profile into PoB since the website doesn't show the tree + jewels correctly).
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The impression I've been getting by look at jewels, and looking at the wiki some, is that their value depends on how far you are. Prior to act 11, they're generally not worth it. As you get deeper and deeper into act 11/late game stuff, they become better and better. At least for cluster jewels, some regular jewels are useable before that (especially uniques that improve your primary damage skill)

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