lucky mods

dont use the lucky mod craft from harvest, it seems to have the tiers reversed and will guarantee a low roll

bug report # 280 493 567

Last bumped on Aug 4, 2020, 10:13:38 PM
Best use of "lucky roll" mods - condense for juice.
I noticed this last night as well. Three attempts to Aug life resulted in T8 life rolls, each giving only +19 line on i81 elder boots.

Also on the boots were four attempts to Aug speed, never resulting in more than 10% movement speed. It seems I was getting the same rolls each time with each mod attempt.

Lastly were similar results on a ring while trying to Aug life. Three attempts, each resulting in 43-46 life.
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Same on ps4, thought I was losing my mind. +5 life was my "lucky" roll on a ilvl 81 helmet.
I feel all of your pain and had the same issue causing me to hunt for the reason why. Lucky seems to be applied only to the rolls within the tier, has no lucky affect on the tier applied. Which honestly is a bit misleading and relatively useless as there are harvest free divine orbs that fix the rolls within tier.

My pain:
ilvl 83 seed, ilvl 86 gloves

Rolled T7 ES for +5, yes +5 ES on my double T1 ES gloves essentially bricking them so I could restart from scratch.

7 is the LOWEST tier you can possibly roll with values of (3-5) but don't worry, I got the 5... lul ?
Y'all, "Lucky" doesn't mean "high tier".

There's a separate set of harvest rolls that say "high tier".

"Lucky" means it rolls the *value* twice, and takes the higher number, within the tier that was already selected.

You can get T1 or T11 or anything in between. It will just be a slightly higher than average roll for that particular tier.

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