Crash to desktop in Catarina fight at the "Mortal!" attack

I just fought Catarina (patch 3.11.1.D) at Mastermind's Lair lvl 83.
I crashed to desktop 3 times when she was doing the attack with the voice line : "Mortal!".

Couldn't produce a /bug since I crashed to Desktop.
Last bumped on Aug 13, 2020, 8:44:59 AM
same issue here
same problem here.

seemed better first after changing back to dx11, but still ctd's occured.
Same here. I lowered everything to minimum graphics, even tried windowed / full screen and still happened.
Same issue, tried dx11 and vulkan and lower all settings. Only happened in the first stage of the fight but.
3 times crashed. Unplayable.
Same here... also in some cases when entering vaal areas.

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