Will we ever have PS4/Xbox crossplay?

Going from 50 players online to 100 should be a nice change.

For example, there's like 4 Starforges at any given moment, priced at around 3-8ex, whatever those few people feel like pricing it at. A lot of uniques that are commonly priced at 1-20c on PC go for 5-15 ex on consoles... I realize that we're probably not even 1/10th of the total playerbase that PC has (less players means less good players providing endgame gear for sale). Less supply = more demand = higher prices.

We have the same droprates as PC, the same RNG as PC, the same build diversity as PC but we have an economy that's entirely broken if we don't play SSF.

Will we ever get crossplay to help mitigate this, even if only by a fraction?
Last bumped on Jul 30, 2020, 10:41:06 AM

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