[APP] Simple SeedCalc - Fast and easy, count and price your seeds!

Hello Exiles! I've created a simple utility app for Harvest league which counts and price your seeds from your stash tab!
Purpose of this script is to make selling seeds in bulk even easier. It generates a message with counted and priced seeds which you can post everywhere, for example on TFT Discord.
Just to mention: this script was written by me and mainly for me (because am lazy af) so i wasn't focusing on fancy look.
Feel free to use, tell me if there are any bugs or if you would like to see more features.

GitHub: https://github.com/Boyownik/SeedCalc
To download, go to the link above, look for "Release" tab on the right and download latest exe file.

Screenshots for preview:

PS. I didn't know where to post this. If it's in wrong Category feel free to move it.
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Hey nice work! I'm trying to use it but I get an error with code 6 saying forbidden?

{"error":{"code":6,"message":"Forbidden"}} how do i fix it?

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