Berserker help needed

Hello boys I am pretty noobish player. I mostly play some copied build from poe ninja reach t10-15 maps and stop around there. I wanted to make my own project with some shitty axe/shield perforate bleed something berserker (i like how he goes brrrr) but I am really struggling defensively.

Here is what I have so far. I decided to get some basic axe/bleed/shield/life and go from there.

I want to make it tanky but I do not know how. I am missing on game mechanic knowledge so I am asking for help.

I think about gettin aspect of carnage as the last berserker asc but I am afraid I will get one shot when I get into a map at this point.

Basically I got fortify node and use fortify with my main skill but I am not sure if it does it. Maybe move fortify to leap slam and put ruthless in 6l? Any uniques I should look for?

I also got 2 cast when damage taken setups. I swapped steelskin with vulnerability since I was not really feeling it. With immortal call/molten shell/active berserk I feel very weak. I die when I enter the temple of Atzoatl. Even at 2 packs is hard and rely on health potion and brrr leech to stay alive.

I am aware that when I level a bit more and get a little better gear should be OKish but I am looking for general guidance how to go for a bit more defensive setup/tree/items/etc.

Any suggestions how to fix this character? My main goal is nothing fancy. If I manage to simply spam t14-16 should be enough for now. Will look further to kill some boss after I learn how to play.

Last bumped on Aug 1, 2020, 4:27:29 AM

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