Crafting an explody caster mace 101 - a quick and short guide (Harvest league)

Are you a caster?
Are you using a specific armour/gloves for your build that do not provide you with the ability to have the option to cause explosions?

Fear not.

In this simple guide, I'll show you how I crafted my mace in less than 5 minutes (obtaining crafting materials excluded):

Required materials:

- Deafening Essences of Woe (spell damage, otherwise impossible to be rolled on a mace)
- Perfect Fossils (weapon quality; higher the quality, the higher elemental damage we get from the harvest craft)
- ilvl 73+ shaped mace with low str. requirement (explosion mod=ilvl 68, t1 crit multi=ilvl 73)
- a decent number of stored crafts, including:
a). a variety of "remove" crafts (in order to clean the mace up)
b). "augment with a new fire modifier" craft
c). "augment with a new critical modifier" craft
d). "remove/add critical modifier" craft
e). a variety of "divine orb" crafts (caster, crit, lightning)
f). weapon enchantment harvest craft that converts quality into elemental damage
- some divine orbs

- "remove/add fire modifier harvest craft"
- Encrusted fossils in an attempt to hit some white sockets
- Gilded fossil for a good measure ;)

Crafting process:

Step 1. Use your perfect fossils on your mace until you hit 30% quality. This might take a while if you're unlucky
Step 2. Use your Deafening Essences of Woe until you hit modifiers that can be easily removed or replaced
Step 3. Once you have a mace like this:
- %increased spell damage
- any 3-5 random modifiers that can be target-removed
remove all of the modifiers that are not %increased spell damage. If you rolled fire resistance, keep it!
Step 4. Make sure you have an open suffix and bench-craft "Cannot roll attack modifiers". This will ensure that the only critical modifier we will be hitting is crit. multi, as well as the explode modifier when augmenting with fire (granted you have fire resistance on your mace).
Step 5. Augment with a fire modifier and remove/add until you hit explode mod (very high chance; 1000w.). If you had a fire resistance modifier, removing/adding new fire modifier guarantees explode mod.
Step 6. Harvest craft critical multiplier with augment, remove/add until you hit t1

Your mace by now should look like this:
- %increased spell damage (prefix)
- %crit. multi (suffix)
- explode mod (suffix)
- Cannot roll attack modifiers (suffix)

Step 7. bench-craft multicraft (suffix), replacing the old crafted mod
Step 8. craft mana
Step 9. use divine orbs until you hit a high mana roll (this is the only mod we cannot target-divine with harvest crafts)
Step 10. use your "randomize" harvest crafts:
- caster for spell damage
- crit. for crit. multi
Step 11. bench-craft added lightning damage to spells
Step 12. use your "randomize" harvest craft
- lightning for added lightning damage to spells
(this order ensures that we are not rerolling both lightning mod and spell damage mod at the same time with "randomize caster mods" craft)

That's it, all done.

NOTE: if your main skill is different from lightning, just swap the crafts and steps for your chosen damage type.

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[3.10] Double DoT Toxic Rain Trapper:
[3.10] The Forgotten Gem - Stormbind Hierophant:
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nice guide
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