Crippling Depression / new guild / guild stash / discord included (EU)

Hey, I'm recruiting for my guild, It's called 'Crippling Depression' at the moment there's very few of us, but we are trying to expand. I'm quite the grinding player. I'm looking for people to play this game semi-seriously with and do end game mapping etc. I'm looking for semi-serious due to the fact that I feel like I'm still missing a few details about this game and I wouldn't want to waste someone else's time due to my incompetence. However, if someone doesn't mind putting up with my incompetence I will try my best to catch up on knowledge that I don't yet have :). Obviously, everyone is welcome regardless lol. I just ask that you meet this criteria: You Must speak English and are in a timezone that is similar to that of England as that is mostly where we are. And also be 18 years old or higher.

My main objective is to have fun and I hope those around me are the same. I also have another objective which is to reach the point in the game where I'm running those insane maps which drop headhunters and all that stuff xD. We can get to those maps if we work together and help each other along the way.

Lastly, and also quite important, This guild is only active during the challenge leagues. And in the league downtime I often play other games, although it's not like we can only play path of exile if you join the discord.

To apply to the guild, send me a dm in game or even better would be to join the discord I have made. You can also just have a chat with me to see if you'd like to join or not, I don't really mind.

My discord: turbo6000#4802

Also hoping for active people who don't mind talking over discord vc. We currently have 2 guild stash tabs but if the guild grows some I'll probs buy some more.
(The guild name has nothing to do with my state of mind or anything it was a name picked at random(kind of))
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feel free to reply with your ign and I can send you an invite :)
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still recruiting
I'd love to join IGN Xwarchiefer.

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