No Metamorph Sample after fulfilling Unbreathing Queen V Prophecy

For Some reason I cant take a screenshot - it wont capture anything but the HUD and my inventory. Should still be easy to explain:

I just had the unbreathing queen V proph activate on cemetery (t14) and one of the sextants made the map contain metamorph monsters. After clearing the map, including the prophecy monsters, I set up the metamorph. I was a little surprised to find the unique prophecy monsters among the organs. I chose them, cause they had good rewards. After the fight, no sample dropped though. Checked my inventory, checked the ground with alt pressed... Did it try to choose one of the prophecy monsters as sample base but failed?
Last bumped on Aug 5, 2020, 2:17:45 AM
I also had a "no organ drop" despite fully filling the bar, but mine was on a different map.

I'm not sure if the unique I selected was a prophecy monster or not. (obv not the same prophecy if it was, since it was a different map).

The only detail I remember for sure is that it was an Eye, which I picked deliberately, because I needed an eye to finish a Meta, so it was frustrating.

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