are you ever going to fix the lag in delve?

full level down the tubes because of YOUR servers.... hours lost... oh well maybe one day ggg will treat console players like human beings...
Last bumped on Aug 3, 2020, 10:37:22 PM
look at all those responses from GGG... keep up that communicating... funny how you demand respect yet you dont give it to us.
I hung it up for this league. It's not worth the wasted time and frustration you experience. With all of the posts about issues with the game, sadly it's not worth playing at the moment. I may not return until the next gen of consoles are released. If the performance is the same, they have zero excuse to say it's hardware limitations but rather just an overall poor port of the game itself.

Hope you stay sane Exile and find something else to play in the meantime.

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