Goodbye until next league. I have finally had enough of the crashes. I will return next league in the fainest of hopes GGG fix the number of crashes on PS4. If not I'll give up until PoE2 or until I build a PC.
Last bumped on Aug 4, 2020, 2:53:56 PM
I know GGG already denied any audio involvement in the crashes, but since I turned off all the audio (besides drops and master voices) I've had very few crashes.
It's still unacceptable this kind of turnaround to make a game kind of playable, but hey..

Ive had all audio turned off for a long time now, i was still crashing at least every 2 hrs, since the last patch its gotten a bit better maybe a crash every 3 hrs (i also play at 720p now).
It's best if we Sony players quit Poe it's not going to get any better they care more for the Microsoft people then us. Regardless next league the same outcome is going to be the same where we just get shite on every so called patch just give up and move, myself and all friends are done with Poe so hope GGG and Microsoft are happy.

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