🌟HSC🌟 Cheap! Sirus/Shaper/Elder/Uber Elder/HOGM/Cortex/Atziri 🌟 STREAM 🌟


Sirus/uber elder - 30c
Shaper - free
elder - 10c
Heart of the Grove - pm me
HOGM - 30c
Cortex map - 30c

If you want we can also go 50/50 on drops instead of a flat fee


If I brick a run a will pay you, 1.5 exalt for a Sirus, replacement sets on elder/shaper/uber this is not valid if you did not host on NA

I ask all runs be set to NA texas, make sure to talk to helena and swap hideouts


@Eyui_Nova carry my uber atziri for 60c?
@Eyui_Nova carry my Sirus for 40c?
@Eyui_Nova carry my shaper for free?
@Eyui_Nova carry my uber elder for 40c?
@Eyui_nova carry my heart of the grove?
@Eyui_Nova carry my HOGM for 20?
@Eyui_Nova carry my Cortex map for 30c?
@Eyui_Nova can you carry my shaper no hit for 120c?
@Eyui_Nova can you carry my delve boss?


I can stream any service on the TFT discord

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Quick easy A7 sirus kill, streamed and brought loot to me.

10/10 would use again.
hogm carry, smooth as butter. ty bud!
Also streaming TFT discord now
Super quick and easy awa8 Sirus, brought loot right to me, will msg again!
quick and also got me the kill for EGG.

did my uber elder, fast, trustworthy
online doing carries now
Took out an Uber Atziri for me and a friend in no time. Quick and easy, will use their services again in the future.
online doing carries now

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