[3.12] Archmage Blade Vortex Hierophant | 20k EHP 40m DPS | Depth 2000, #1 Deepest Tank in 3.11

Zgurf wrote:
RudyBaby wrote:

Omeyocan I'd only use in an Agnostic version that paths all the way to Acro/Phase Acro. 20% dodge is a lot more valuable when you already have 40/30 dodge + quartz flask, without acro its a bit lackluster.

Do you have a pob somewhere about your take on an agnostic version ? I'd like to compare to what I ended up with :)

RudyBaby wrote:

Zgurf wrote:

Last, is it possible to put two bars in lutbot triggered by the same key ? Like one 4s and one 4.25s.

Hmm I see that it doesnt work. But I'm sure you can edit lutbot's source to fix that if you wanted it badly. I didn't really feel the need for double bars, the longer you play the more comfortable you get with the timing.

I actually managed by editing the heavy.ahk, and simply added a sleep 2 // control(2) after the control(1) send, and as you said since it doesn't interact with poe it's fine to do this kind of tweaks. Then setting up the second timer to 4.25 I have both at the same time \o/

could you pls explain how to set up a second bar with 4.25? worded for absolut script noobs?
Supposing the BV is your first ability key in the lutbot list.
I think this is what he means:

Change this

into this:
Sleep 2

You can do this in

Reload the script by righclicking the H icon on the icons bar.
And put the second ability key at 4250 (4,25 seconds).
this build its viable for delver dark farm? and in bligth?
Its decent but not great for darkness farming. Big ehp but no life gain on hit.

It can do blights and blighted maps sure, but its not very convenient since this is a melee-ish (close range) build.
Hi, i play your build in standart, so they changed curse on hit to some hex sh**, now assasin mark is not hex ant u cant use it with vortex just dont apply, what should i do ?
Replace it with Elemental Weakness as your 2nd curse. Its a little bit less DPS than Assassin's Mark.

Other options are tempchains/enfeeble (good defensively), or manually casting assassin's mark on bosses (good offensively).
How far can the low end version of this PoB work? any sirus potential if so up to what awakening?
The low-end version is plenty strong enough do Sirus AL8 and almost any normal content in the game (except maybe t19s and deep delve 1k+).
Have you looked into replica kaom's heart for this build? 30-40% inc lightning damage and +500max mana. You'd lose out on some utility, but it looks like a pretty big damage bump for people w/o Awakened Hextouch if you can maintain the mana cost below the mana pool.
Replica Kaom's Heart is very good damage-wise, but unfortunately it loses out in so many other areas that I personally wouldn't use it.

Replica Kaom's pros:
* +2000 net total mana, so roughly 20% more damage potential, assuming you can balance manacost properly.
* +4-5% more damage from the increased lightning dmg mod
* +800 ES from mana -> ES conversion

Replica Kaom's cons:
* -10% MoM effect. This 10% effect contributes half your life pool to your ehp, and is thus worth between 1800-2800 depending on your life total
* -400 ES from Cloak's implicit stats
* -6 sockets losing out on all the utility from Vortex
* -1 skill point for having to allocate MoM on tree
* 191 strength requirement which is hard to meet

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