[3.12] Archmage Blade Vortex Hierophant | 20k EHP 40m DPS | Depth 2000, #1 Deepest Tank in 3.11

Possible variant for the low-version of this build would be to drop the lvl1 clarity & precision since you won't have a watcher's eye at that level to really make the auras worthwhile. This opens up Supreme Ego and arcane chemistry for the next 4 passive points. This boosts the mana pool,, gives better flask sustain and flask effect, and lets you buff Wrath with Supreme Ego for another 10% dmg or so. It also opens up a 4-link to fool around with for utility, like cwdt firestorm + pcoc/blind.

This is the direction I was planning to go until I can muster up the currency for some sort of dual-mod watcher's eye. I am also planning to grab the ele ailment immunity ascendancy instead of power charge node, but that's just a preference thing.

edit: I did notice a pretty big defensive loss when PoBing replica kaom's. Thanks for your insight.
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You make a very good point about Supreme Ego early on, I completely missed that.
any thoughts on the alternate quality gems? Just starting to switch back over to this build.
From what I'd seen from my first quick pass, most alt quality gems are just marginal benefits for this build. But I'll make a 2nd detailed pass later on.
Don't know if you guys have the same issue but i just swirtched to indigon+BV. I simply can't complete a map I get unexpected disconnection every 10seconds. Seriously...
Congrats to BAforKM [vanness444] for being rank 1 Hierophant to reach lvl 100 in Heist SC!
For what we need "Exceptional Perfomance" 3 passive skills with Skill Effect Duration. Does it matter?
kalagen3 wrote:
For what we need "Exceptional Perfomance" 3 passive skills with Skill Effect Duration. Does it matter?

Yes, its very crucial. We need Blade Vortex duration to be long enough to cover two Indigon cycles of 4 secs each with a bit to spare. If you don't take that cluster at all, you'll be stuck at 5 BV stacks instead of 10 stacks, for 2 out of 4 secs of every Indigon cycle, thus losing 50% of your dps window.

Read the Offence scection in the post for more details.
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what would a budget-er ssf like iteration of this build look like? assuming you can farm all the uniques im curious if you had some ideas on how tanky you could get in ssf
This builds really not friendly to SSF due to the sheer number of uniques.

* Quite hard but farmable: Pledge of Hands, Indigon, Glorious Vanity, Cinderswallow
* Just random drops: Cloak of Defiance, Atziri's Foible, Essence Worm
* Practically impossible to get: MoM effect Watchers eye, Unnatural Instinct

Assuming you manage to farm all the uniques in the first two categories, and some decent rares with life + mana + resists, I'd say you get around 4.5k life + 8k mana (only 4.5k goes to MoM pool) + 3.5k ES, for a total of 12.5k ehp. But it'll definitely be very hard to get to that point.
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