[3.12] Archmage Blade Vortex Hierophant | 20k EHP 40m DPS | Depth 2000, #1 Deepest Tank in 3.11

I just bought a Pledge just to try the interaction with BV, but I didn't manage to interrupt the spell echo. How do you manage that ? What is your left click ? Move only ?
It works only when using both Pledge and Unleash. Without Unleash stacks, the spell echoes arent cancellable. Left click can be move-only or any instant skill. Just spamming left click works but its a fairly generous timing once you get the hang of it: left click immediately after casting BV.
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Chloroform109 wrote:

If we are using crit and rising our crit multi, why would we use controlled destruction support then? isn't it reducing our crit chance by a lot?

When you have 900% increased crit chance from other sources, the 100% reduced crit chance is not that big a downside. Eg. with a base crit of 6% you go from having 60% crit without, to 54% crit with Controlled Destruction. The difference gets reduced further when using a Diamond flask. This makes Controlled Destruction one of the best DPS supports for most spell crit builds.
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danioxzz wrote:
Hi, just wanted to say this: This build is disgustingly insane!

I've migrated from SSF few weeks ago, so didn't have much currency saved. I decided to make this build. I just bought uniques and capped resistances and started blasting through red maps. Made few small additions to my character and I was able to beat Sirus A8 deathless without any pressure tbh. My current gear is not worth more than 3-5ex. If this shit isn't going to be nerfed, then I don't know.

Glad you find it strong :)

I should note though, its much cheaper to gear it now 2 months into a league, as opposed to 1 or 2 weeks into a fresh league, since our build depends so heavily on uniques. One upside of that is also, once harvest crafting is gone, the build should continue to be 'insane' since it doesnt depend that much on gg crafted rares. Next league, I expect archmage may get minor nerfs but nothing build-destroying.
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Sry didnt read all the way though :/
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Very cool your creation the mid version, could you make sirus aw8 without problems?

How does he do making blighted maps?
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Yes, even the low-end version can do sirus8 comfortably.

Its OK in blighted maps, but just like other melee close-range builds, its not very convenient.
hey man can i ask in mid range guide, why we dont use crusader annointment for transfiguration of mind?Since we scale mana like crazy i thought it will be huge dps
We already get Transfiguration of Mind from the Hierophant ascendancy point, Divine Guidance.
So A8 Sirus is down (2death`s). withe my budget setup. But the stun is pain=death... Need to improve this...

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