[3.12] Archmage Blade Vortex Hierophant | 20k EHP 40m DPS | Depth 2000, #1 Deepest Tank in 3.11

presha wrote:
this build is fine and all ...unless you get hit.
You have MoM, you get hit = you lose mana, and with no mana I cant use BV, and I cant leech and kill anything.

If you're playing it correctly, you can literally never run out of mana. The way its setup, you're gonna die before you drop to zero mana.

I looked at your character and it seems you're using Arcane Cloak. Thats an absolute no-no in this build, since it completely fucks up the Indigon balance. Its either that, or you aren't following the proper timing and instead trying to cast BV when Indigon's effect is still up.
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Doddn wrote:
Hey. will you try to update this build or at least confirm before league start that it should work in heist? Great built, thanks.

Yep, I'll try to keep it updated.
This looks really interesting:

Sigil of Power
Sigil of Power creates a potent circle on the ground that grants additional lightning damage to you and allies standing within it, while also slightly increasing the cost of your skills. As you spend mana, the skill powers up in stages. Each stage grants more additional lightning damage. Once it's fully powered up, it also causes enemies standing within the circle to deal less damage.

This skill offers a way to empower your abilities while facing a difficult boss, providing additional damage when you need it. Its defensive properties can be really beneficial when you're able to keep the boss within the Sigil or against bosses that remain in one place.

Like the other spells mentioned above, this ability has a long cooldown and can take advantage of Second Wind if you'd like to. Increasing its area and duration also works well to extend the reach and lifetime of your powered Sigils. It works well alongside skills with the Archmage support to increase their mana cost, but other spellcast builds usually spend enough mana to fully charge up the Sigil.
Yes it looks really good. Also since the build already gets so much AoE from Hiero ascendancy and Duration from the tree, that the Sigil should be able to cover a very large area for a long time. Ideally covering a full delve node or a large portion of boss arenas.

Have to be a bit careful though with the increased mana cost so it does not go over 2000. But with Harvest-crafting gone thats less likely to be an issue as builds will have somewhat lower total mana and hence lower mana cost.
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Got a question regarding next league: how do you plan on dealing with stun without havest implicit crafting ? And also how do you expect the build to go with none of all the crazy harvest implicits/crafts ?
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Without stun immunity jewel implicits its back to using Cinderswallow + Boot enchant for stun immunity.

As for crafting the rest of the gear, yes the build will suffer a bit from lack of harvest crafting, but far less than most other builds, since this build derives most of its power from uniques and not rares.

The few rares that we use are *mostly* just stat-sticks for life + mana + resists, and crit multi on jewels. Without harvest all those stat-sticks will be a bit weaker, but doesnt affect the core mechanics of the build.

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yeah, i agree, except in the sense that it will be a lot of trouble to reach 1k8 base cost, or 1K7 with 67 post indigon vortex. Should be feasible but will be a big struggle :).

Also did you try skyforth/omeyocan ? Both seems viable options, even more with the stun immunity gone. I made a pob using alira for easier resists and using those and seems quite ok.

I will probably start with a build without ES scaling from mana (we lose one important node in the ascendency but spare a lot of gear if we account the watcher's eye mana from es mod), using RF and the agnostic. I tried briefly in standard and it seems prettty good for a stepping stone budgetish build before going all in life mana ES. Also the crazy regen is nice, and I didn't notice issues concerning mana regen in general since we cast only once every 4 secs.

Last, is it possible to put two bars in lutbot triggered by the same key ? Like one 4s and one 4.25s. When I try to put multiple progress bars they stack in one and only draw the longest one :sadface:. I may eventually end up doing my own ahk though, with a bip instead of visual notification.
Love the build!

Gonna be my league starter (Heist)

I'm glad you are gonna keep this great build up to date.
hi bro, im playing your super nice build
But you are using auto hotkey and dont get banned?? is it legal? i mean, ggg banned alot of autohotkey players right?
ty so much
hey, i got interested about that 2k depth because i hit wall to 1280 with my non-zhp coc cycloner. i see you delved to 2000, were you able to delve deeper or did you hit wall there?

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