Dahbadu's Melee Cold Elemental Hit Berserker - League Starter, 10+ Mil DPS on a Budget, Tanky

Dahbadu's Melee Cold Elemental Hit Berserker - Harvest League Starter

Video Link: https://youtu.be/wdrAKa3FHlk

***Path of Building Links***
Budget/Plan (Level 94): https://pastebin.com/6y0huzTd
Dahbadu's Current Gear (level 94): https://pastebin.com/5UNetwef

A fun and powerful homebrew starter build I created for Path of Exile Harvest League. You can do 10+ million DPS on a budget, blow up the screen in ice with a single swing of your sword, chain freeze T16 bosses, and you're pretty tanky to boot. You play a Berserker, melee attacking with Elemental Hit converted to cold damage empowered by the new Ancestral Cry warcry. Herald of Ice is primarily used for clear. The build utilizes several uniques, including the Redblade Banner shield, Pandemonius, The Taming, Hrimburn gloves, and optionally a Paradoxica (not explained in video) and an Abyssus. This video covers how to build the character, its mechanics, along with gameplay footage. The most expensive items in this build are a) the Pandemonius and b) the rare chest base that I would suggest buying already 6-linked and then Harvest craft.

All the boxes checked in PoB are realistic except the Frost Bomb, 3 power charges and 50 rage stacks, as long as you remember to drop your Warchief and Warbanner. The shock, ignite, chill, intimidate, etc. basically all get applied immediately. There are fights where you don't have 3 power charges (or they take several seconds to build), and because your rage is bouncing up and down throughout the fight, a more realistic number is 25 instead of 50.

In the 12 Mil PoB Budget/Plan link (using a 25c Paradoxica) you'll notice that all my rare gear doesn't have real mechanical affixes except life and the crit ones on the chest. Regarding the chest, you buy the base, slam/remove some lucky lifes on it, then slam/remove some crits on it. As explained in the video, the explode affix is unnecessary for this build and the budget PoB doesn't even include that affix.

Regarding realistic damage numbers, if you uncheck Frost Bomb, power charges, and set your rage to 25, you'll do 8.8+ mil instead of 12 using the budget/plan build linked. Now, if you actually add real mechanical affixes to your gear in PoB, like accuracy, increased elemental damage, etc. you'll more than make up for that.

I'll try to make a follow-up video explaining this when time allows.


I've never really posted on this forum and I'm new to making build videos, but hopefully you all enjoy it!

If you have any feedback, questions or comments, please feel free to post here. I'll try to answer them.
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