Latest update and general lack of communication

Am I the only person who hasn't seen the slightest performance improvement from the The latest patch? I doubt it.

I still Lagg out. I still bsod every few maps. I still loose exp because of game crashes.

We have had 2 (maybe more I quit and uninstalled for a week) updates/patches during harvest and the league is practically half way through but the performance and stability are still frustratingly bad. I don't understand how this league, that is basically just the core game until you touch the garden, is so much worse than delirium was and delirium was much more taxing.

To add salt to the wound (and then some vinegar and give it all a rub) GGG have stayed near silent on the entire matter and the small handful of responses have been in relation to other more minor issues or QoL changes. The only response we've had regarding performance is a comment saying words to the effect of "we don't have any further news on performance". That's just pathetic. The way I read this is either they aren't bothering to try and make improvements or they haven't made any progress so they're just refusing to talk about it.

I direct you to a post made by GGG saying that they will improve how they deal with console communication and be more forthcoming with information regarding the status of the game. I for one have yet to see this actually happen. It isn't hard to look at the ps4 forums and the dates posts were made and then look for the "GGG icon" next to the post. You'll see maybe 3 or 4 in double that amount of months.

I get that the staff don't want to respond to negativity so they don't have to respond individually but that doesn't mean they shouldn't write a post once a week saying "here's what we've done this week.....". Mention some common bugs, offer some information regarding the next patch.

Entirely unrelated but I cba to make another post. I created a character called boyz2mana (yes pun intended) but when I hit create character it changed the name to boyz_mana. If numbers aren't allowed then fair enough but why did it allow me to create the character and just give me a version of the name I didn't pick? I didn't even realise until like lvl 65 so I wasn't creating a new character at that point.
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Agreed, it’s disheartening. I mean, I get it. There’s a global pandemic, it’s much harder to work on things right now. However, more communication would go a long, long way. This is the first league since 1.0 that I haven’t reached maps because the crashing is so frustrating. If the problems incredibly elusive, tell us! If it’s due to not having the resources, tell us! Just give us something, please.
Thankfully, I do not have to deal with as many crashes and BSOD like you PS4 players do, I feel for you.

I'm not as concerned with the lack of communication as I am the lack of attention for console in general. I understand that PC is the flagship platform for PoE. But I was also there when PoE first began. And I remember the initial talk of PoE coming to console. All the way back in closed beta.

Console may not be the preferred platform, but it IS an offered platform. If one offers something to somebody, even if it is considered an alternative, what is being offered should still be given the same effort, attention, and consideration as the preferred method/product.

If GGG are not going to acknowledge and treat consoles with the same respect as they do PC, then why offer it in the first place?
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Lame Lock wrote:

If GGG are not going to acknowledge and treat consoles with the same respect as they do PC, then why offer it in the first place?

The short answer is they get more money lol
Honestly they should do whatever they did during an update like last December. I forgot the specific update.

I remember constantly dying with my Cyclone Chieftain in high end maps whenever I went through a big pack. Then after the update I seldom died and it was smoother. Still crashed and blue screened but less desync and lag

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