Nells Crafting service 3.11 [HSC]1.1k+ Vouches in TFT discord!!

+1 max es on rings roll :)
+1 cold damage as extra cold damage
+1 vouch, did cannot be frozen to boots for me
+3 suffixes cannot be changed
+1 can't be frozen good boy
+1 to minimum endurance charges on both my rings :)
+1 vouch. Thank you for the 6-link craft :)
IGN: MinusFour/Teeda

+1 Helped craft "Cannot be Frozen" on my new pair of boots :)
+1 helped craft "can have up to 3 crafted modifiers, +2 to level of socketed support gems and +40 to chaos damage over time multiplier" :)
+1 non-channeling mana cost to ring - friendly and quick ^_^

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