Lower Framerates Since Vulkan and Shaders Rework

Since the start of the league, I noticed my framerates went down by quite a bit. To clarify, I run an I7-8700K along with 32GB of DDR4-3000 RAM and an RTX 2080 graphics card.

I usually averaged out anywhere between 240 to 150 frames per second. However, since the start of the league, I noticed the framerates being much lower than before. In fact, running in full windowed mode gives a hardcap of 60fps where switching to fullscreen caps it at 90fps.

I have tried to update all the drivers yet the issue remains, the fps is now capped for an unknown reason. Is this the result of recent shader/vulkan changes that were made?

I also noticed screen tearing when using G-Sync for some reason. VSync caps the FPS at 60 and disabling it does not changes the framerate cap even after a reboot.
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Ended up finding what was so heavily taxing the frame rate, it was the Shadows + Global Illumination setting.

I lowered it from Ultra to High (I could not tell you if there is a difference) and I gained about 70 fps right away.

I am now running at a stable 140-160fps (could go higher but i am capping it since my monitor is only 144hz anyways).

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