Reproducible bug with fusings in town

I just crashed for the 3rd time within less than 40 total usages of fusings. This happens all the time. Steps:

1) fresh reboot of ps4
2) log into character. I.e. don’t log into a different t character first
3) stay in Oriath - don’t log anywhere else
4) with 6 socket armor in currency tab
5) use fusings to try to 6 link

First time I crashed in about 30ish fusings
2nd time I crashed in about 7
3rd time I crashed in less than 10

If you are not crashing, then you need to click faster.

Last bumped on Aug 7, 2020, 8:12:08 AM
I've had this one too, multiple times in fact, albeit a few weeks ago.
Chalked it up to the game being crashy in general but maybe it's another one of those cases where you're supposed to get an error message from the server but the client doesn't know how to handle/display it (ie on PC you'd get "item not found" when you spam click fusings faster than your latency allows)

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