FREE Harvest Boss Killer Service [ONLINE]. Carry and Crafting Service [Awakened Service Providers]

+1 quick A8 carry
appreciate it bro
quick temple atziri +1
easy and fast !
+1 Did Uber Elder quickly and easily
Very trusting and killed my A8 Sirus very fast. Got my Awakener orb drop!
Easily the best person i've met on this game.
Killd my sirus, gave me the loot, all for free, helped me a lot when he discovered i'm a new player he had a really positive reaction.
Guys is great, just have to eternalize this feeling doing this comment.
Thanks You!
Just did A8 for me, fast and clear 10/10
A8 sirus fast and professional service
+1 A8 Sirus carry.

He helped me in a very nice style :) Thank you very much. Sirius A6.

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