SC Harvest : Boss Services and Carry! [SG/JP] [40/40|100] [STREAM]][tip for my time][ :P ]

Doing anything my character can possibly accomplish in the game!
will help you as much as i can!

Twitch stream: [Under Construction...]

Availability : Offline
since league is ending and our classes started and i'm a student i may not be online as usual and confer to you ~ leave a message in my inbox and please state your timezone or realm (EU, AU, BR, NA, Paris, Milan, Frankfurt, Singapore, etc.,)
ex., my ingame-name is PLSMAKEHARVESTGOCORE, can you help me with my Uber Atziri Challenge? i offer 50c and i'm in luxembourg server and will be online for the next 6 hours.

MY GLOBAL /820 ads.
#free carry here [sirus, harvest bosses(conditional),uber-atziri/elder, shaper, cortex ,etc.,]FAST KILLS[2B sirus dps)]pm me!tip for my time [Singapore Realm]view-thread/2921215

[ PM/Ask politely exile! :# ]

[Please Talk to Helena and swap hideouts to change your realm if ever i deem it necessary.]

/*I can carry a 6 man sirus (full party) if you want to make a party for better drops(is it real?) or if you have a sirus up and wanna help/give players free kill counts, i'm up for it :)*/

6 Man Aw.8 Sirus Solo Carry
Link below:


"It is always advised to stay inside the area of the sirus citadel/Map so the loot that drops from sirus is allocated to you(OWNER) and other players CANNOT loot expensive items except the owner"

I ask fees(negotiable) or tips for challenges depending on difficulty!!!!:P
(incase you ever wonder why i'm asking for payment for challenge completions
~ Boss carries are free and challenges are otherwise!!)

(Oshabi Harvest of the Grove conditionals are free tho)

Hall of the Grand Masters - (I don't do HOGM - explanation below)
I dont do HoGM, it takes too long for my build.

IGN: MalmonRoi (Low Life Ball lightning mines (Cold conversion && Aura stacking (ilv84 non-curse aura clusters)) 2b sirus dps)
My account is in public ~ if you wanna see my build, you can gladly do so.
(it still is open for so much more improvements with more investment ofcourse.)
cheap alternative for +4 shavs is a 7 link shaper/redeemer influenced hubris(self-crafted) (it is not cheap if you wanna go to that area of "cheapness" but its alot less than the price of a +4 shavs and its near the damage output.)

Hypothermia- Trap and mine damage - spell crit - minefield - high-impact mines - ball lightning - awakened added lightning damage

Sorry for not making a build guide for those people who are always pm'ing me about my build, since there are like a septillion of ball lightning mine build guides already out there. I currently don't have the time to formally make a build guide that is viable for beginner level to end-game level - the viability and feel of the build just fits for my playstyle and i warn you that this is not a hardcore build especially when starting.. this is more of a cast on death portal build(for starters) .. BUT you can do a fully juiced up T19 map with prophecies, rolled sextants, zana mod and max deli. without an HH with the build with enough investment - just look at my profile if u wanna go to my route.

Realm: [Singapore/Japan]

Thanks for the trust guys!
Complexity is made up of 69 to 77 simple things, if you miss 1 simple thing then you make things more complicated than it already is and what makes it more complex is, it's not in every situation :)
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+1 from me, did my Uber Atziri quickly and smoothly. Thank you sir!
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He just quickly carried the A8 Sirus for me - got me awakened curse on hit and awakener's orb. Great guy, easy to work with.
Fast and safe carries, tyvm!
Extremely friendly guy and crazy fast Sirus 8 carry. Highly recommended!!
IGN Melusia
Fast carry. Easy. Would recommend!
Killed my aw8 sirus super fast. +1 recommendation.
Excellent, great job. +1 from me.
killed a8 sirus with me inside, a real beast
Killed him for me no issues.

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