SC Harvest : Boss Services and Carry! [SG/JP] [40/40|100] [STREAM]][tip for my time][ :P ]

Vouched. EZ shaper challenge, uber elder, uber atziri. Very nice guy
Last edited by meesiam on Aug 16, 2020, 10:17:53 AM
Sirus 8 dead

+1 Shaper and Harvest conditionally very smooth. Thank you!
+1 Uber Atziri. Best carry ever
Fast and easy oshabi challenge :)
I needed help with Uber elder and only had 2 frags. This being my first league ever. He was a great help and let me experience the map along with providing the other two fragments as well.
fast carry and good service. Thanks so much
+1 killed a7 sirs really fast, left all the loot
Vouched, quick work of atziri!
Vouched. Was a nice and pleasant Shaper challenge carry.

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