SC Harvest : Boss Services and Carry! [SG/JP] [40/40|100] [STREAM]][tip for my time][ :P ]

Killed Oshabi for the challenges for me
+1 Sirus kill service, fast and safe
Fast, friendly, reliable - thanks for the help
+1 Fast and clean Uber Atziri kill
Fast, friendly, A6 sirius kill on 1 portal in Aus server
Killed two Sirus 8lvl for me already. Thanks!
Absolutely incredible. Killed Oshabi and did the 4 conditional challenge in seconds. Total time too less than 5 minutes from Pm to finish. Super nice too.

Thank you!!!
Incredible service. No Hit Shaper Challenge (Complete Encounters V) done in like 2 minutes. Really nice person.
He's super amazing fast, did Oshabi and conditionally challenges in less a second. And he's super kindly person i like :3
Sirus kill, quick and painless. This guy's the read deal

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