SC Harvest : Boss Services and Carry! [SG/JP] [40/40|100] [STREAM]][tip for my time][ :P ]

very friendly and smooth service for uber atziri, thx!
very friendly and helpful and very efficient, high dps good carry! killed my a8 sirus easy.
+1 from me yet again. Completed the last of my Encounters III in the first try!
My hideout showcase thread:
My fanworks thread:
+1 Very friendly and fast af carry he come he get in boss ded :D
+1 for shaper challenge, thanks!
Perfect ! +1 Really fast
Super nice, super quick and helpful :) thx again mate
+1 shaper challenge
Helpfull dude
Super friendly person. Server issue and we lost the fight. Immediately offered me his own map to compensate and completed the challenge for me. 9 out of 10 dentists recommend this guy.

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