SC Harvest : Boss Services and Carry! [SG/JP] [40/40|100] [STREAM]][tip for my time][ :P ]

Did it Shaper challenge super fast and safer. Nice guy
shaper challenge and uber atziri kill - no issues, recommend!
Killed the characters from HoGM that I couldn't beat without issues.
Recommend :D
As a dragon, you shall be reborn.
+1 Sirus A8
+1 Sirus A8 soo quickly. Thank you!
thanks, for the help.
+1 he kill sirus in 1 sec :D
+1 from me, fast and easy shaper challenge kill!
In Game Name: TytaniumRampage
+1 here, Melted my Sirus
+1 for me, melted my sirus and i dropped an awakened multistrike support

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