Does everyone prefer faster game speed?

I know killing a lot of things quickly can be fun, but I also enjoy slower gameplay where each kill is more challenging, and plus, I get to watch more of my minion's attack animation rather than spawning something quickly over and over again for short durations of kill animations on the screen.

How about you guys?

Also, wouldn't making each kill more challenging make botting harder as well? Did poe experience a popularity boost when it originally went from slower gameplay to faster gaemplay speed half a decade back?
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I like having both available.
By playing sub-optimal builds, I get that effect automatically. =^[.]^=
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I would prefer slower gameplay, perhaps that's why I like DoT-builds so much. :D
Fewer monsters at a given time that are harder to kill - something like that.
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I don't like what delirium did, putting a timer on clearing a map asap and all the bullshit the fog implied.

I liked what breach, legion, incursion did, putting a timer on a single encounter.

My point is, the game can be as fast as they want as long as they don't force it via league mechanic for the entire map.
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I prefer slow to moderate speeds, something like in Grim Dawn.
Melting pretty much everything in your path like butter, which even plenty of bad to mediocre builds can do, then getting instanuked by this dangerous mod or brickwalling at this boss or that boss is pretty dumb. Even map tiers seem to be less relevant than ever in terms of difficulty progression when it comes to the random trash, regardless of any mods on the map.

The game is heavily tilted toward streamers and viewer impressions rather than player experience though. So long as that crowd and those who just follow the current meta aren't overly disgruntled, that's the most important thing.
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kekkuli123 wrote:
I prefer slow to moderate speeds, something like in Grim Dawn.

You not the only one
sometimes depends on the content i mean i don't mind slow "game speed" if it's fun to do.
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delirium made me snap and ive builded a slow ass gladiator with sword and shield only relying on vengeance and one other counter skill and it got me trough every map and to the 18th wave of simulacrum where kosis spawned and his weird orbs didnt disappeared and i didnt got rid of his shield before he started regenerating it soo...

some argued delirium made you zoom zoom and thats true if you care for the rewards at the end of each map
I enjoyed never dying for my part :D

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