Does everyone prefer faster game speed?

Slower speed, only being able to like melt mobs in ~90+ lvl realm with only specific gear. Melting stuff should be a high end capabilities.
or at least reduced area of effect of some skill, not like 1k mobs jumps on you in 1 sec, your PC crashes and you are dead before even doing anything...
Or dashing through the map and erasing everything with 3 aoe attacks, that`s really not good.. This is pretty much the same as playing a game with some hacks on..
The problem is that if you build a character that can beat the bosses, it's going to zoom through the other content. The bosses were made too hard in relation to the other monsters, and characters were giving the power to beat them. If you want challenge, you're either going to have to give up the boss fights as being too difficult and let the rest of the game challenge you, or give up the rest of the game and use bosses as the challenge.
You also have to keep in mind that the fast paced killing is planned from a development perspective as a means to control performance.

I remember back in Blight that Chris mentioned enemies living "too long" and causing performance problems as the battle lengthened was a significant problem.

So while slowing the game down, and having lengthened encounters sounds good, I really dont think the game is capable of doing this well at all.
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I like to have the choice :)
Hf :)
I love the speed meta. I don't like it when it forces me to play at 30 fps when im used to 100.
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That's always been the slippery slope for PoE. Over time we players are striving for bigger (more dps) and badder (more speed to kill faster) builds. So over time GGG ups the item dps and attack speed. GGG is aware of all the top 25 twitch shooter games and how popular they are and have allowed the PoE speed and dps to creep up over the years as a result. Chris has stated in podcasts that he doesn't personally like what PoE has become (speed racing and all that) but it's too late to go back now (up the slippery slope) as it would cause a player revolt now. GGG thinks that PoE 2 will give us 2 ways to play PoE with PoE 1 being the same 10 speed racing acts (as we have now) and PoE 2 being 7 new acts that are much slower to play. Presumably GGG will be time testing PoE 2 with Alpha players to see if the racers can get through the PoE 2 seven acts in approximately the same time as the PoE 1 10 acts.

The main problem I see (as a non-racer filthy casual) is that the endgame is still the same and thus the playing of maps from level 68 onward will still be for the speed racer crowd. I don't see GGG offering anything new that can give the non-racer PoE fans anything after the PoE 2 main acts. Without an alternate endgame devoid of endless/mindless speed racing of maps for the non-racer players the end of playing PoE has come. I don't see this problem ever being solved.
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The problem is not really the speed thou, speed is the consequence, the true culprits are "sustain" and "timers".

Arpg is a genre where going fast equals more rewards, and that's natural. But usually there is a catch in going fast (you die a lot more for example), while in PoE the game evolved into a way where going fast actually reduces your chances of dying. The more damage,AoE and mobility you have, the safer you will be, and the faster you clear, more flasks you have available that ramp up your survivability/damage.

Combine that with a bunch of mechanics where the reward is proportional to how fast you complete them. And Voilá, you have PoE speedcreep.

Regarding sustain, for the game to feel meaningful, players need to be able to die, but how do you kill players if they can "easily" restore 100% of their hp each milisecond? Oh right, you make so monsters deals more than 100% of that players hp in one milisecond. And voilá we have PoE oneshot culture.

Removing timers and reworking players/monsters damage/sustain would already slow down the game a bunch, without having to mess with any of the actual speed of the mechanics.

But everyone seems to want to shot a billion projectiles that hits a billion monsters and drops a billion trash items per screen. So that's what we get i guess.

Sonic Zoom Zoom sucks. Delirium was enough of it. Harvest game pace is perfect.
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once you get geared with a fast paced game, it feels more like a point and click adventure than an ARPG

I want to fight and battle, but really most parts of the game are explode things or get exploded.

eh, I play till I get tired of it, but I come back here and there since I don't feel there is anything that fits the genre well atm.
I think people should have the possibility to play fast like they can right now, but it shouldn't be forced to the players who don't like it like with Delirium for example.
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