Hardline Mirror Service | GG Spectre Astral | Best Staff in the Game [+6 light, max power, 7 link]

+6 Lightning, Maximum Power charge, 7-link Staff, free suffix, can craft anything you want.

Mirror fee : 25ex
Currently on Harvest League


+1 Maximum spectre Astral Plate.
Additional curse + Effect of offerings, all maximum tiers of stats.
(Life can be max t2 because of delve ilvl)
Mirror fee : 15 ex
Currently on Harvest league
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Last bumped on Aug 7, 2020, 6:36:16 AM
#1 service completed !!

I just mirrored this amazing staff, really quick and smooth player interaction.

Thanks Harvest to make this things possible and thanks to you man for this sick item ;)

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