Winter Orb

I awake in a strangely familiar place. A sumptuos room filled further by the rattling of a strange machine. A young woman is sitting beside me, blankly staring at the noisy apparatus before shifting her interest towards me. "What happened?", she asks in a calm manner.

Who is she? Where am I? None of those questions seem important, her concerend expression demands an immediate answer.
"I fought. I fought a soldier of a long forgotten army." - the memory is slowly returning while i speak. "He should be dead! I was faster, I was stronger! I killed a million just like him before!".
I pause at my own words. My brain starts relentlessly throwing memories of combat at me. So much pain, so much death.
A deep, cold void starts growing in my heart, brewing like the darkest clouds at the eye of a blizzard. Clouds of mist form at my accelerating breath. Alarmed the woman shouts at me: "Focus! Assassin! I hired you for a reason, have you found him?" - her gaze is not directed at me, but just above my head, a brilliant white sparkle reflects off her wide open eyes. I know this face, she is afraid. "Not yet. He must be located somewhere over..", I hesitate, just now processing her words. "You called me an assassin?" - "That is what you are.", she countered instantly, her expression growing darker, more desperate, "I can sense your pain but for once you may use your powers for good. Redeem yourself, help me save this world. " - "Am I a good man?", the question escapes me too fast, I cannot stop myself in time. "Yes", the woman answers. But i know this face too. She is lying.

Slowly I stand up, my muscles sore, my bones aching. As I run towards the two alien portals hovering around the map device I can hear her final command: "Stay sane exile!"

Thanks for reading :)
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