Mastermind Jun Mission Bugged? 2 Players, Both Lost Portals/Disallowed to Complete

[PS4][PSN "duleyfam", 6:20PM 8/7/20, Texas US Gateway, error message upon disconnect "an unexpected disconnect has occurred", crash to load screen not typical full application crash, ETHERNET fiberoptic 1GB network, PS4 PRO console]

GGG/fellow poe-mates,

Last night my buddy relayed to me that he had crashed 4x in his mastermind mission and, in addition, the final portal 'disappeared' upon loading back in the last time. I thought it was a fluke, until a similar incident occurred in my playthrough: I disconnected ("an unexpected disconnect has occurred", according to the game) early in the fight, but upon reconnecting, ALL 4 remaining portals were gone. Jun's investigation shows that there is no longer any progress toward the mastermind mission; it was effectively 'removed'.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? This is my 3rd mastermind mission since league start, all prior to the most recent patch, and had NO issues in the previous two mastermind fights/missions. I would like to know if I should refrain from starting any further hideout/mastermind missions with Jun until the issue is addressed.

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My buddy's incident occurred last night, mine just now. He runs SSD external for POE, and I run the PS4 Pro's manufactured internal HDD. Neither of us were in a party at the time; we were in 'single-player' when each of our separate instances occurred, and at widely differing times.
Had it happen to me on XBX. The zone freezes and then boots to XBX launch screen. Happened three times, lost those portals, but was able to complete (used fewer minions). The crashes back to the XBX launch screen have been increasing with every patch - happening several times for each play session.
happened to me yesterday, single player
Already being the most time consuming of the masters, Jun’s mastermind mission instantly crashed my ps4 and makes the game unplayable. It’s extremely frustrating since this causes me to lose all progress with my syndicate investigation. Let alone having to farm more Jun missions. GGG fix this, it’s ridiculous and an unnecessary bug.
Hi everyone,

I just noticed this thread after posting a similar problem with the portals all disappearing after a crash to mastermind so I just wanted to add my voice to yours here

Kind regards,

Thanks for your reports. We'll address the Mastermind issue in the next client patch.
Thank you Jeff!

Kind regards,
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Me too.


Mastermind, crash. get back in game, no portals, mastermind progress back to zero.
I thought it was my bad luck but this has happened three times in a row. It is not possible to have a feature of the game bugged like this.

I demand to have my Jun upgraded as I cannot do it by normal ways as this is completely bugged.

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