Jun/Syndicate encounters are still spawning as 'abandoned' - 3 leagues of posting about this.

See my previous thread: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2825538

This issue is still happening, here is another video: https://youtu.be/EEjpGk4jiEY

It's happened to me 7-8 times this league.

If it was any other master I wouldn't care, but Jun is 3x rarer on console because we only get 1 encounter per mission instead of 3 encounters per mission like the mechanic was designed and balance for. This makes it extremely difficult to farm the mechanic efficiently because it takes 3x more missions to optimize relationships/locations, and it also prevents forcing Research/Intervention spawns when there are only 2 members in those houses.

As such, console players are already SEVERELY disadvantaged compared to PC players with respect to engaging in optimized Syndicate farming, making bugged missions like this even more detrimental.

Please help!!!
Last bumped on Aug 13, 2020, 11:19:18 PM
Hey, I feel you.

I cant help you, but i have another Question.
Why is there only 1 Encounter in Jun/Synd Missions and not 3?
I thought if was bugged?

Yup had one the other day where the underground research lab tile was spawned but the entrance and jun were missing. So annoying.
Happened 2 more times since posting.

Sescen wrote:

Why is there only 1 Encounter in Jun/Synd Missions and not 3?
I thought if was bugged?

I thought the same as it is not explained anywhere in the game... but there were posts about it on the console forum prior to ps4 launch: they reduced the encounters to one because of performance issues. However, we do get 3x the rewards from the safehouse to “compensate”.

The downsides to this are that it takes 3 times longer to get the payoff (and sometimes you don’t want 3x one reward), but more importantly it completely botches and prevents us from using the meta farming strategy AND requires three times more Jun missions (which are very difficult to acquire outside of harvest) to establish the correct relationships to set up the board properly.

Whenever I tell experienced PC players who understand how to optimize Syndicate about our situation on console, they are horrified and feel sorry for us :(

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