Dear Community (A message from an ex-pro)

As I know that many of you may not currently have the accumulative time to divulge in my entire chain of rhetoric that will be listed below, I am writing this letter to the community as a means of attempting to understand why the very community built around a game would abhor certain members simply on the fact that they perform at another level. I'm not stating that I am the best PoE player (countless top placements at the start of races, solo self found top tier Ranger and Shaman, top 5 guild leader in WOW, S-tier in Everquest rankingboards). What I am saying is, I am one of the best, and when I give advice on these forums, it honestly comes as a bit of an unexcused shock treatment, that I'm not heeded.

Why does this matter? Once you look at the greater picture, you'll quickly realize this sets up an inappropriate response system for elite level players. Take Hollywood for example, and consider these forums to be a hollywood party. A high tier actor would not only have the carpet laid out for them, they would also be respected no matter what. It's quite obvious, that they earned it.
Now, before you get up in arms like a citizen hunting Frankenstein , realize I'm not saying I'm the top tier actor. But what I am, is a top tier gamer in the current meta. And when I give specific advices regarding scenarios I'm familiar with, they should be heeded.

But these forums are a bit of an enigma. Someone who has walked the walk and talked the talk, simply isn't heeded. That's not okay, and I think we can all agree on that, on some level, deep down.
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Ok boomer...
Reminder not to get baited
"Life isn't a problem to solve but a reality to experience." - Frank Herbert
Tip: never use the word pro or ex-pro if you want to be taken seriously, son.
This new user really likes the word "heeded".
Was really hoping that this one time the hive could simply let one fall off the first page without a reply... but no.

ok kid

Shagsbeard wrote:
Was really hoping that this one time the hive could simply let one fall off the first page without a reply... but no.

On one level, it's fun. On another level, it's just tragic.

Most likely, he's a huge troll, a troll that creates fuzz. Fun? Well, for some - at least for him. But I still like to play with the idea of him being for real, which makes the whole situation even more fun - for everyone but him.

Anyhow, I think 'scientists' stated a long time ago, that a constant need of recognition is closely related to emotional immaturity.
Phrazz has changed his ways. Forget his past, embrace the present.
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