All Watchstones in, All watchstones out

Please add this as an option. I prefer to run A0 Sirus and A8 for everything else. To have to manually remove all 32 stones has gotten quite tedious.

Also, it is great that the D-pad can move around between the watchstones, sadly I just learned this a week or so ago because there is no indicator that the D-pad has any functionality within the Atlas menu. I'm willing to bet others than myself especially newer players would welcome this information so they could move around the board easier. As without a mouse the map seldom knows exactly where you would like to click on.

The PS4 does have a touch pad, that COULD also be allowed to function within the Atlas as it does within our text boxes while trying to chat. If you are able to implement that option for the Atlas, you may also find it possible for Delve which has the same navigation issues while using a joystick. But that's like icing on the cake, I'd be happy with the first 2, this is me being picky.

Thank you for your time.
Last bumped on Aug 8, 2020, 2:24:39 PM

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