PS4 blue screen crash to dashboard during mastermind, all portals removed


I experienced a crash today during the initial encounter with the mastermind. The game froze as the mastermind was leaving the area after the initial dialog and combat and I submitted the usual bug report as always (I must of submitted almost 100 of them now over all the PS4 leagues). On logging back in ALL the portals to the mastermind had been removed (of course I was expecting one missing because of the crash).

Are you able to restore the mastermind encounter for me?

I have put up with regular crashes that resulted in lost portals but to lose ALL portals to a rare encounter like this I find very disappointing. The lost encounter happened at roughly at 3:00pm AEST on the 9th of August (about 20 minutes before I posted this).

My PSN name is Macrossium

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Last bumped on Aug 9, 2020, 6:05:17 PM
Just to add the required bug information

3. Gateway / Location
Australia Realm
4. Error messages when failing to teleport, or load into a zone.
5. Are you crashing to the console dashboard, or disconnecting back to the login screen?
Crashing to the console dashboard, the game freezes for a few seconds, then a blackscreen for a second, then into the PS4 crash handler to send a report (I did), then to the console dashboard
6. If you can reproduce the 100% of the time a video clip would be handy.
All the crashes I have had in these league are not reproducible but I have had many crashes at random times doing many different actions. I've always sent the crash analysis reports in.
7. Are you using a cabled connection, or Wifi.
8. What model console are you using?
PS4 pro, System Software: 7.51
9. Your gamer tag or PSN ID (a private message is fine for this if you're uncomfortable posting this publicly.)

Can I just add that it's a shame that I can't generate a user dump of these crashes (as I am on PS4 not PC) as I would love to spend some time to try to look at these crashes to try to help out debugging the problem. Part of my day job involves crash analysis on the software I work on.

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