Non Stop screen freezing is back
Quick update, attached screenshot link. CPU, GPU, Ethernet all max out when this happens. This kinda thing happens if I write a program and an infinite loop isn't stopped fast enough. The other posts I see are all looking at internet but that isn't the problem, probably just a side effect. Something in game code doing this...maybe texture load spamming idk. This was legit 2 seconds into a map, walked like 10 steps. Monster appeared and freeze->crash

couple random notes:
-This never happens standing still
-Seems to only happen when new monsters enter the screen
--Makes me think if its something with their attack animation causing infinite loop/texture spam (maybe a few specific monsters causing? I didn't pay attention to what monster it was)
--multiple times in sceptre of god
--multiple times in sewer/toxic conduits
-I can't remember any time this happened with no monsters on screen just walking around. Its always been empty screen then new monsters appear and freeze. This also never happens during extended fights, only on the initial new monsters entering screen
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grim_odor wrote:
My pc is running the very same I9, RTX 2080. Best rig I've ever had, upgraded to it for the sole purpose of running PoE smoothly because I'm addicted to this game like crack. Literally unplayable now and I don't know if it was the patch, my internet, their servers, my pc, I have no idea. I just felt compelled to respond because I've been prowling the tech support forums looking for anyone having similar problems. I was thinking about calling my provider but this game is literally the only one I seem to have connection problems with if in fact that is the problem. Typically I play PoE and watch a Twitch stream while I'm playing. This was never a problem before but now the stream will actually pause occasionally if PoE is running and I have no idea what that means. Even if I play without a stream going on in the background if I have any mob density the game becomes a stuttering mess that is headache inducing. When I hit F1 all three frames are nothing but huge spikes.

At the very least this has forced me to expand my interest in other games. I was really having fun this league though.

I have the same specs.... Game is unplayable today. I've tried everything too. WTF is going on. Been playing the league all the way up to here
Yup, I have posted about this numerous times. It is ridiculous; every other patch makes the game nearly unplayable for me.

i5 6600k
Radon 5700

I have tried A LOT of different things to resolve these issues. Nothing makes a significant difference, except hoping the next patch fixes things for a week before they break again.
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