Can't trust chat troll, help PC a helmet.

A few people told 25ex, i kinda don't believe.
If someone with more mature mind pc for me, i'll be very thankful.

(sorry any inglish mistake, 7 years of self-taughted inglish)
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Worthless. Vendor.

Enchantment doesn't do anything for it.
Close down the "Feedback" section. Stop pretending you care about feedback outside of reddit.

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You hit the nail on the head when you called troll. They say a really high price to stop the asking of price chacks and to be a little cruel.
Arguing on the Internet: What's the point when you can't punch them in the face when they really piss you off?
The 25 ex is a meme. Global chat price every item that is being showcased at 25 ex. Never take them serious.
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Sorry for your inconvenience, but there is a small tear of joy in my eye by reading this.

It took many months Sig...
-Time to be funny. The world needs funny right now! Warning: "Might" get you muted.

-25 took awhile but it looks like it finally caught on!

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